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To be dare to fight, to adjust based on time, to work together, to march bravely forward

2015-11-05 10:38:00
  Sharp edge of a sword comes out from grinding, and plum blossom's fragrance comes from the bitter cold. Whether an enterprise is powerful and whether a sales team is excellent, is decided by the performance in condition of adversity not in easy street. In the 3 decades from MIRACLE was founded, we have overcome numerous difficulties, and in the first half of this year, we earned RMB 0.95 billion income. It is the company strengths of MIRACLE and the ability of sales team which created this achievement.

  On the battlefield of MIRACLE marketing, there are batch and batch of dark horse springing up. As sales elites, they self-reflect the problems existed in the working and solve them in time. They can not only profoundly analyse their own shortages in sales, but also share the skills and experiences based on the sales achievement they gained.

  Although the methods of success are different for different elites, but in their sharing, we can conclude something in common that: always put clients first, consider about the problems from the customer's point of view, and meet the demands of customers as soon as possible; make work plans, exploit more customers and visit customers diligently to gain more effective information from them; be familiar with products to provide more professional technology.

  As the employees attended this meeting said that there is no off-season market but off-season thoughts, and that the secret of sales is not sell what but how to sell. They all think that the sales meeting about the first half year is similar to a compass, which designates the target and direction of working for the salesmen; and this also a forum about sales strategy, which make them feel the charm and passion of marketing and make them more confident.

  Mao Jingqi
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