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The sales achievement reach the new peek——a successful finish of the sales meeting in 2015 semi-annu

2014-11-05 12:06:00
  Although it is summer in July in WUXI, and it is very hot, the salesmen in MIRACLE are still happy. The contracts signed in the first half year worth 0.95 billion, which far exceed the last year. The salesmen laid a good foundation of MIRACLE with the outstanding achievement.


  From 20th to 21 th July , the sales meeting of 2015 semi-annual was held on the shore of TIANMU Lake. Around 50 persons like the founder Huang Weixing, the chairman Bai Kaijun, the general manager of Automotive Conveyors Division Wu Qiuting, general manager of Sales Department Shen Xianfeng, managers in each area of Sales Department, salesmen, employees in Project Department and Technology Department attended the meeting. We made an overall summary and communication about the sales in 2015 semi-annual so that to make the preparation of reaching the annual objectives.

  According to the meeting agenda, the person in charge of each area reported the condition of responsible area. Based on the report, Shen Xianfeng made a detailed analysis and summary of sales volume and receipt of balance, and further clarified the job measures of the second half year. According to the conclusion, under the environment with total market saturated and the industry increasingly competitive, MIRACLE has further consolidated the domestic market, has achieved initial success of overseas market expansion, and has increased the emphasis on the X project through the tireless efforts of sales staff.

  High-level personnel attended this meeting recognized the sales achievement. And they made the specific requirements of sale to achieve the annual target.

  The chairman Bai Kaijun said that, the original principle of sales in the second half year was that “to seize the favorable opportunity and to take an active offensive posture, on the one hand to spare no effort for large projects and on the other hand to promote small projects and X project in conjunction with the construction of 4S stores.” At the same time, Bai Kaijun laid emphasis on the management to ensure the completion of annual objectives.

  Before the end of the meeting, the founder of MIRACLE, Huang Weixing made a speech. He said that the sales achievement was very good and we should conclude the things we did well. And in the second half year, we should emphasize on several aspects: firstly, to adjust and complete quotation system; secondly, to further improve the program and price review mechanism; thirdly, to research and make a new incentive policy; fourthly, to further increase the evaluation and reward of X project; fifthly, to further strengthen the training of the relative knowledge like business and law of the salesmen.

  Huang Weixing emphasized that the market is the fundamental prerequisite of development, the quality is the key of acquiring market. The sales achievement of this year prove the trust and approval of the clients for MIRACLE, it also means the responsibility we bear. Although the clients approve MIRACLE, we also need to improve the quality of products. Only pursuing the quality of operation, products and service, we can ensure the position of MIRACLE in market.
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