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Miracle held a semi-annual meeting with the theme of changing management mode

2016-11-05 12:04:00

From 24th to 26th, July, the semi-annual meeting was held in Kempinski Hotel in Yixing. Over 80 people attended this meeting, including senior managers, general managers of each division, financial administrator, general managers of subsidiary company and administrator of each department. The meeting concludes the production and operation condition of the first half year to ensure the requirement of working. The founder of MIRACLE, Huang Weixing made a speech with the theme of to change concept, to convert thoughts, to alter management mode.


According to the target set this year, Huang Weixing said that MIRALE promoted to change operation and profit model, each division made efforts and achieved several success. However, to refer to the performance of sales goal, the achievements of each division are different. Huang Weixing emphasized that the sales goal this year is set based on communication, each division has to meet the goal and MIRALE will further strengthen the examination of goal performance. While ensure the achievement of target, each division should promote management level, and lay a strong foundation of inside management system. At the same time, combined with actual condition of each division, Huang Weixing made a specific analysis of the second half year.

Combining with the speech made by Huang Weixing, all people attended meeting discussed passionately about to create small establishment group, to small accounting system”, and they thought the theme, “change management mode, is the current difficulty of enterprise development, which shows the determination of improve inner management quality and level. Huang Weixing said that all employees generate income has a very important role in strengthening the master consciousness and responsibility.

In the meeting, each division made reports on the completion of first half year and measures of second half year, 5 divisions like TONGLINGLANTIAN, LIDI, stock finance division, stock sales division etc made speeches, and general manager of MIRACLE, Yang Lei, made a speech on innovation of enterprise. The chairman, Bai Kaijun, concluded the meeting. Mr. Bai emphasized that with the development of MIRACLE, we should strengthen inner management to ensure the effective operation of MIRACLE, which had been a test for each employee of MIRACLE, especially under the condition of increasing orders in this year compared to the orders of past years. Because the producing capacity was bigger and bigger, we have to attach importance to inner management. 

In the cheerful sound of music, the 2015 semi-annual meeting of MIRACLE successfully finished.

Mao Jingqi

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