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on-the-spot record of MIRALE management responsibility contract signing

2015-11-05 10:38:00

In Wuxi Idea Garden Hotel on March 20th, there are bouquets of flowers and piles of brocades and spring is very much in the air. 2015 MIRACLE management responsibility contract was signed here. In this meeting, we concluded the production and operation of the past year; arranged the major tasks of this year; awarded the brilliant employees of 2014. Over 150 persons attended this meeting, like administrators, general managers and financial administrators of divisions and subsidiary companies, excellent employees, etc. The meeting was chaired by Yang Lei, who is the general manager of Miracle Automation Engineering Co.,Ltd.


According to the agenda of the meeting, the excellent employees were awarded first. As it was said by Yang Lei, the staff of MIRACLE vigorously promoted the core values that “good faith, diligence, innovation, win-win and met each task. With the grand music, the excellent group and excellent employees were awarded. Three representatives, Dai Minhui, Zhao Bing, Zhang Qiming, made wonderful speeches around the theme that to Enhance management philosophy and strengthen the sense of responsibility”to transcend oneself from small aspectsto pay close attention to after-sales service from large projects”. Among the things of excellent groups and excellent employees, there was no proud word but commonplace with earnest and down to earth, which shocked everyone.

The founder of MIRACLE, Huang Weixing, fully affirmed the achievement of 2014. He said, the development of MIRACLE was in relation to the change of operation mode and the innovation of profiting. Because of the hard-working of the employees, MIRACLE has been developing in future.


As the most important thing, the 2015 management responsibility contract signing ceremony was held at 10 am. With the cheerful music, stock company, each division and subsidiary companies signed the economy responsibility contract and safety production responsibility contract. As some of the employees said that the responsibility contract was as same as military pledge, although we didnt need to lay down our lives, but we need to work hard. After the signing ceremony, each general manager of division reported the working thoughts and employment objectives of 2015. 2 employees including Hong Dan made speeches in the person of subsidiary companies. And Yang Lei introduced the innovation development planning of state-level technology center. As it is said by the shop steward who attended this meeting, the meeting helped them to define the working direction.

The founder of MIRACLE, Huang Weixing, made an important speech about the development strategy of future 30 years and recent work task. He emphasized that the key of the future 3 decades development is the first 3 years, the key of the first 3 years is this year, and the key of the working of this year is the transformation of mode of thinking. After the development of first 3 decades, MIRACLE has had a good command of rich experiences and has laid steady foundation, which is the root of enterprise subsistence and development. In recent years, with the change of macro environment and industry condition, the development of enterprises can’t blindly follow the old mode, for example: the recycling business industry, which needs us to acknowledge and explore it with new field of view and thoughts. However, innovation is not as same as negation and criticism of tradition, but means to promote it based on inheritance. He hoped all the employees of MIRACLE knew the relationship between inheritance and tradition. 

At 8:00 pm, MIRALE management responsibility contract signing finished in the relaxed and euphonious music.

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