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Wuhan Battle - DPCA NO.1 factory assembly line S2 Summer Modification Documentary

2015-11-02 11:47:00

Electrical Engineer Gently press the start button. After a short slight shaking, the power & free door line starts empty running slowly.

16:00, the empty hanger return line was started. It launched the empty running.

18:26, the MV4 line started which joined the empty commissions……

Looking up at the slowly running conveyor lines, a picture full of sweat flow, dark, taut face finally showing a smile.  More than ten days of hard work and fatigue was thrown off suddenly……

 This scene took place in the assembly shop of NO1 factory DPCA Wuhan .

As early as a few months ago, company leaders began planning a huge battle: DPCA No.1 factory assembly shop S2 line modification project - which is called by us " Wuhan Battle."

Except final line, other lines are modified. From PBS line, engine line, UF line, trim line, door line almost all the assembly shop S2 lines were modified over all. Although, in the "labors day" and "Dragon festival" two periods the company has sent staff to do the modification work. The major work is centered on  late July to early August “summer modification”Dozens of modification points need to be removed, cleaned sorted, salvaged, updated. Some of the modification points (sections) are independent but interrelated. It is necessary to "figure it out separately" and the need for " implementation with overall consideration". Participants for workshop modification also include the suppliers of  civil construction, pipes facility, rails, manipulator, AGV  lighting, add all kinds of filling equipment, and other side equipment. More than ten manufacturers cross-working, the situation is very complicated. A slight slip may cause equipment damage or personal injury which will make the whole project fell short of success!

Time limited, heavy task and high request! For Miracle, it will be a severe test! For Miracle honor and Miracle future, this battle can only be succeed, no failure!

Wu Qiuting, Meng Xiongwei, Bai Jianhong and other leaders repeatedly called the project team members to make plans, take measures. And select backbones, make the resource arrangement. Take account of the minor details with patient. Project Manager Wu Haojie, pushing the proceeding and implementation according to the established "battle plan". Adaptable and flexible adjustment was made based on the real situation. Project coordinator Tao Danfu, office staff Zhang Yuan, Yu Ge Juan and large number of staff support the project work hardly without any complain.

There are design, as well as procurement, as well as outsourcing, as well as manufacturing ...... there are many unsung heroes,  for the DPCA modification, they make unknown dedications.  They are paving the way for the smooth implementation of DPCA modification.

With the battle approaching, front-line combatants gradually gathered to Wuhan.

Wuhan Battle "front command" is set in a temporary work shed out of the assembly shop of NO.1 factory DPCA. Field commander Lv Jiannan led various people being orderly make the pre-war preparations.

Site security chief Cao Yang led the safety officer, Guo Jun, Yang Wensong, to make various of documents respectively for site management members. Cao contacts between the construction site and the management department of Party A, he prepared“factory access cards" and other documents for the installation workers.

Construction managers take the short gap before fighting start, organize the construction team to seriously study the drawings, make construction plan, prepare construction tools, make an inventory of construction materials ,implement safety measures.

Project Manager Wu Haojie, field commander Lv Jiannan, construction manager Qin Zheng communicate with the Party A fully and timely. They learn about related rules and regulations of the Party A, try to get familiar with the production dynamic,  then adjust the combat deployment.

July 17. Company leaders Wu Qiuting, Meng Xiongwei rushed to the DPCA site. They also have pre-war mobilization for site management personnel and encouraging for everyone.

Commanders are ambitious, and eager to start. Just waiting for the order, then they can go toward battle!

At 10:30 on July 18, DPCA organized the meeting at assembly shop "2015 assembly plants 44V / H improvement modification and safety implementation swearing" . At the meeting, leaders of DPCA elaborated the importance of modification. Meanwhile, they request high expectations and demands for each construction units. Miracle Project No.2 company General Manager Meng Xiongwei made a statement on behalf of all participant companies. His impassioned speech expressed all the combatants determination and confidence. “ fighting, win”! 

Lingering sound of the swearing is still resounding in assembly shop, Miracle soldiers had already been in the  battlefield.

 Field commander with extensive experience Lv Jiannan promptly sent a vanguard based on the production performance of party A- the construction manager Hu Youbin led his men to the PBS line which has just been shut off. They start evacuate the empty skids, and make preparations for the construction……

West of the sun gradually went down.

The DPCA with sunset, the daytime bustle stopped. Quiet ...... smiling workers of DPCA, ending the day's labor. The workers are knocking off ......

It’s time for Miracle people to show their capacity.

At 17:30, July 18.

As field commander Lv Jiannan issued the order "Start!" The assembly shop outside the workshop suddenly become boiling! The Battle of Wuhan which has been expected many days has finally started!

?One by one, construction manager led his team towards the construction area, brand-new fork lifters coming in succession to the construction area with already loaded with arts, materials and tools which have been counted clearly. Lift trucks reached to the designated points one by one with the armed workers (with Helmets, overalls, safety belts, safety shoes, etc.), send the worker overhead……

Construction managers instruct the installation members to work towards the targets. This is based on the construction area distributed previously, and the construction plan.

One time,

?Hammed Jingling can be heard without end, Welding, gas cutting sparks splash; fork lifters moving rumbling. Workers song loudly. Although the workshop outside towards nightfall, the workshop is actually a lively than daytime.

According to the pre-established project implementation plan,  July 19 to July 31 is for the mechanical engineering construction time, August 1 to August 7 is for the electrical commissioning time. Due to this is the old production line which has been used for many years, this modification is with heavy workload, multi-units construction, the situation is complex, demanding from Party A is very strictly.

In order to prevent Miracle honor from being damaged in their own hands, Companies all combatants have ramped up energy, determined to Miracle company this banner luster to win glory!

Although construction manager Huang Xuchao, Hu Guojun have been at the construction site for many years with rich experience, they did not  take it lightly. They organize the construction team to study the drawings seriously, and make the construction program elaborately. They check the materials with the installation team, and prepare construction tools and make labor protection measures. After entering the site, they take the lead the first. Due to catching the cold and with several days fatigue, Huang Xuchao has inflammation of the throat and speechlessly. However, in order to successfully implement the project, he insisted and did not leave the site.

Construction manager Li Jianming, Ding Shixiong, Ding Yifeng and so on working with confidence. They are working regardless the difficult workshop environment. They are instructing the teams separately, complete the individual installations. They successfully completed the task areas .

Construction manager Huanghong, Song Liang, although not so experienced as the other old colleagues. However, they do not shrink. They implement based on the pre-established plans with no rashness, and work stab lily……

It’s very busy inside the workshop. For the chassis assembly line, Construction manager Pengzhang Jun, Li Xinyuan led the team of being a fierce fight!  According to the task division, the content of their work has a rather daunting task: since the civil construction delayed, they must be replace two sets of lifters in a short time. The weight of the device is heavy, and there is a limit space for installation. It’s difficult to take advantage of the cranes, forklifts. They find ways to carry forward the spirit "ants gnawing bones,"  and take advantage of people's superiority. They complete the lifters replacement task finally.

Construction manager Qin Zhengquan, Yuan Hongping since entering the battlefield, they work very smoothly. They successfully removed the old equipment, and also move the new equipment and materials to the site and be ready for installation. It seems success is just in front, however a difficult problem appeared. The equipment pit which undertook by the civil unit can not be hand over on time, it affects our installation progress seriously. Qin Zhengquan and his guys did not give up nor waiting. The deployed the installation resources, and trying to do some jobs which will not be affected by the Civil team. They find Party A and Civil team and communicate with them, and try to minimize the negative influence.

Project implementation can not be separated with management, the construction site shall not forget the safety!

DPCA project site security chief Cao Yang Dragon divided the safety responsibility zones based on the actual situation. Safety officers responsible for each zones, and also mutual work together. At the same time, exert every construction manager and project leaders’ responsible person function,  take comprehensive management. Safety officers will patrol and have check as a normalization action. They continuously  have safety inspections,at the construction site. Check safety facilities carefully , and correct illegal operations promptly. and escort for the project implementation smoothly.

The battle has been heating up ahead, Design technician can not sit still. Engineer Chen Kun, Shen Lei, Yang Yi and so on wearing their helmets, overalls, safety shoes, carrying their weapons (notebook) and walking between the installation points. Where there are technical difficulties, they will be there timely.

Soldiers bravely fighting against the front enemy, rear personnel support them actively. 

Since this project is for old equipment modification, there will be hand to mouth buying, with variety,and it is very troublesome. As the site procurement and logistic support person in charge Chen Rui walks through the streets of Wuhan under the scorching sun , and provide backup to the installation site.

 In order to strengthen the construction site personnel management, and  enhance the attendance management level of the construction site, leadership of the No.2 project company implement reforms for field staff attendance, new attendance machine was adopted. Trainee manager Ji Lingfengin in addition to  assist logistical arrangements for combatants’ accommodation, he also bear the importance task of attendance check. Type-in, statistics, summary, extremely busy.

As the days go by, river City Wuhan exposing the "stove" true face. The temperature rose to 37 ° C,  Scorching sun is outside the workshop, the inside of the workshop is like a steamer.  Just stand there without any action, sweat will be all over the body!

However, no matter how high the temperature is, it will not be higher than the warren’s battle passion! Mechanical installation is almost completed, electrical installation personnel and commissioning engineers cannot hold to back for a long time, they also swagger with the hose, rushed to the battle site……

Wujiang Hua, Zhang Quanjun deployed the electrical installation personnel based on the mechanical installation progress. Cut in with the key point, then take actions overall.

Due to this is a old line modification, there will be new added equipment and retained old equipment. It brings enormous challenge for the mechanical installation, especially for the electrical commissioning regarding to the connection of new and old equipment, and the compatibility of new and old equipment. Time is tight, and there is heavy task  for commissioning. Engineers did not flinch, they complete each line separately in according with the pre-esatblished division of work.

Li Jinwei, Dingyu Hu, Zhou Rong, Wu Feng, Chen Tao, Zhang Shilei with personnel who are coordinating with commissioning, check cables, switches and signal senders one by one. They use computers to connect with the device, one by one test, and modify the program; they checked one by one tirelessly, correct the program command and equipment actions……

Workshop is unbearably hot, but sweaty engineers do not have any slightest slack. For the whole campaign victory, engineers worked day and night in their posts. One day, engineer Ding Yuhu worked until 4 o’clock in the morning for a bid scheme. Although it is very tired, in order not to affect the project progress, He had a short break then went to the workshop again, entered the commissioning battle.

Engineers sweat result in fruitful achievement. Door line,UF line, sub-line, trim line etc. Started continuously, the commissioning is started.

Success news from other lines heard one by one, it makes the PBS line engineer Chen Tao very anxious. There is a tiger in the road for the PBS line which is his responsibility of commissioning: the new and old programs are not compatible. If the old program are replaced overall, the problem can be solved, but time is not allowable.

What to do?!!!

 Director Li Jinwei organize the engineers to research, and he also arrange the engineer Feng Xin from other project to support. People gather together and have a brainstorming, with multi-parties cooperation and tenacious tackling, finally, PBS line was put into operation.

One of DPCA leader came to site for inspection, he told to the accompanying members: Miracle people are able to endure hardship, and fight tough battles!

Admittedly, someone of this team think it’s hard, someone is also complaining about it.

But no one put down the work on their hands, not one abandon their responsibilities.

That is because,

They have a strong sense of group honor and a strong sense of responsibility!

That is because,

They are all “Miracle members”


This is:

Big Wuhan with scorching sun,

Miracle soldiers are fighting intoxicated!

No matter how difficult and dangerous,

There will be no return without victory!

< site safety chief are training for the installation workers >

< project manager Meng Xiongwei (2nd from left) from No. 2 Project Company of Miracle, speaking on behalf of the construction party>

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